Ginger Beef: The story of my favourite model and assistant

November 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

A victim of a creative mind...

Kevin has been putting up with my photography basically since we started dating. I say "put up with it," but actually he has embraced it without complaint and supported me the whole way. 

Pros of having a Wife as a Photographer:

  • Kevin gets free business portraits
  • Has the best looking headshot in the workplace
  • His wife can edit photos to make his muscles look bigger
  • Get free photos for website

Cons of having a wife as a photographer:

  • Constantly having to stop every two steps when on a hike or vacation so she can take a photo or set something up
  • Having to act like a mule and carry ladders, lights, props, etc.
  • Having to hold a reflector
  • Knowing that your wife is editing boudoir photos and you aren't allowed in her office (obviously no one else sees those photos). As he puts it, "My wife looks at nude people while I do the dishes."
  • Having to assist with posing animals
  • Having to model... a lot... against my will

"Kevin! That lighting is perfect! There is 90 seconds until it moves! RUN RUN RUN!!! NOW SPIN LIKE THE LEAVES ARE FALLING AND YOU LOVE YOUR LIFE!!" - Actual thing that happened for this photo to materialize.

So Kevin is a real team player. Just so you know, if he assists or models he DOES get compensated financially. I'm running a business here. Don't think I am treating him like a husband slave.

Through Kevin having to put up with this little photography habit of mine, some really cool things have happened.

One being that he got a wife out of the deal. Realizing that I had met a man who was so incredibly patient with my photography AND supported my goals and business meant a great deal. 

Aside for that, Kevin has become a very competent assistant. He is better than a lot of other hired help at handling and setting up equipment. I would also rather have him hold the reflector or off camera flash than anyone else.

He has also become better with the camera. I can use him as a second shooter at weddings!

I can also confidently ask him what he thinks of my images, and know I will get honesty. He has also picked up some surprising knowledge on the topic of photography! I guess he is listening when I am speaking! Also, he must be learning from osmosis when I am watching online critiques, webinars, or videos. I first realized he was accidentally learning when he saw I was trying to decide between a few photos to submit for a competition. He leaned over and said, "That one has way more story telling potential than the others. The crop on this looks a bit off to me." What?! What just came out of my husband's mouth?! He was completely correct on his assessment as well. 

Kevin keeps me grounded. He reminds me that I am running a business at times and that I need to stick to my guns. Other times, he sees how much an inspiration or idea makes me light up and says, "I know you have to invest resources into making your vision happen, but it is so worth it to see how much you love your craft and how happy it makes you." He is my cheerleader even when I can't find it in me to cheer myself on.

Even MORE interesting, is that Kevin has become one of the best models I have worked with. Kevin has had to model or be a stand in for me through all my practicing, assignments, and even some commercial shoots. Ironically, it turns out he even has some male fans who really like his work modelling knitwear! All jokes aside, Kevin has a face that can work with a suit, gym wear, knitwear, and a variety of different vibes or moods. I can alter his expressions easily, and he has an expressive face that is easy to direct. He has great body awareness and knows EXACTLY how to move his head when directed. I have utilized paid male models before and Kevin is by far the best one I have worked with. I guess he learned something!

Of course I am biased; he is my husband. I am being completely honest when I say that his movements, expressions, and body awareness are dead on. So if anyone needs a red headed male model...

So the nickname. Ginger beef. Well, Kevin is a Certified Exercise Physiologist. He works at variety of different organizations through his business, Jacked by Jones. Yep, that is Kevin and I in the photo on our wedding day. Other than that, most of the photos on the website have been take by Vitality Images! Anyway, Kevin is a powerlifter. Although he is incredibly modest and would be choked that I shared this, Kevin won the national championship in his category in 2012. So he knows what he is doing when it comes to exercise (the degree and gazillion other certifications he has may have something to do with that as well). Not only is Kevin a ginger, he has beefy arms and likes Asian food. His best friend started using #gingerbeef on Instagram when there was a photo of Kevin. The name stuck. I think it is awesome!


Many of my blog posts are about creative people. If you have read my previous posts, you know that Kevin comes from creative stock. His father is the lead percussionist for the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and has been for over 40 years. His sister, Meghan, is a talented and internationally published knitwear designer. His mother is a talented fabric artist and musician as well. Sure, Kevin may come off as a bit of a gym rat, but he regularly shows me up at Paint Nites. He also is apparently a very talented piano player and the word "prodigy" has been thrown around by people when describing his percussion skills as a teenager. If it suited his interests, I think he could surprise us all with his artistic side!

Kevin is also a great father to our 3 dogs.

So that is a bit about my better half. I am incredibly thankful to be with this person. Happy Anniversary Kevin!

Check out Kevin's lifts on Instagram @jackedbyjones as well as on Facebook. If you are interested in speaking to him about personal training services or modelling, drop him an e-mail at [email protected]



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